Kerry Graber, Kaia Petersen and Jann Hoppler founded BK Collective in 2013 to “share the designs we like to knit”; patterns developed by ourselves and our knitting friends. Our patterns are as different as we are; simple classics as well as more complex designs, using one color or multiple colors, solid fabrics, stitch patterns and lace. Something for every type of knitter.

We and our friends have been knitting together in Olympia, Washington since the 1990s. A Farside cartoon by Gary Larson provided inspiration for the group’s name, Bullknitters. Some members liked the image of knitters with attitude; others appreciated that the name conveyed the fun of sitting around “bull knitting”. Over the years, we have seen each other through family and career events and supported each other to take on new challenges in dyeing and knitwear design.

Encouraged by fellow Bullknitters, we launched the pattern company and a partner yarn company, Jorstad Creek, to take all that knitting to the next level! As an inside joke, we named the pattern company BK Collective.

While the collective of designers enjoy a wry sense of humor, we’re serious about our patterns and the pattern support we provide to Jorstad Creek. The high-quality yarn, hand dyed into multi-layered hues created by Jorstad Creek provide inspiration for our cowls, scarves, shawls, hats, mitts, socks and garments.

Over the years we’ve been lucky to have contributions from designers in addition to the founders. In 2019 we added ongoing Associate knitwear designers to BK Collective, Nancy Mills and Celia Roberts. And now, in 2021, we welcome Alena Reynolds and Valerie Robinson.

Our circle is expanding in another way as well. We have one design for our friends who crochet, the There is Love cowl, with more crochet patterns in the works.

We love getting suggestions and enjoy interaction with the knitting community beyond our home, the Bullknitters of Olympia, Washington. You can contact us at BKCollective@comcast.net.