Ebb and Flow Scarf

The Ebb and Flow Scarf and Shawl by Jann Hoppler has an original lace stitch which flows from knit to purl and back again; causing the fabric to come forward and then recede, reminiscent of the tide. It is totally reversible.  Both the scarf and the shawl are worked flat. The scarf is approximately 9 inches wide and the shawl is about 15 inches wide. The scarf takes 400 yards of lace weight yarn; the shawl takes 800 yards. Shown in Jorstad Creek Cornwall (Lilac) and Jorstad Creek Isle of Skye (Sage).

Foot Steps Scarf

The Foot Steps Lace Scarf by Jann Hoppler was inspired by footsteps in the snow. The pattern is very simple with only three different pattern rows and is completely reversible. The ribbed lace stitch pattern will keep you warm, even on a cold snowy day. You will need 750 – 900 yards of lace weight yarn, depending on desired length. Shown here in Jorstad Creek Narfi (Purple) and Jorstad Creek Orcas (Blue) yarn, it is also beautiful in Isle of Skye.

Lady’s Lace Ascot & Scarf

The Lady’s Lace Ascot and scarf by Jann Hoppler is a luxurious statement piece that lays nicely around the neck, keeping you warm while being light and airy. The ascot is an interesting small lace project. After the beginning border is worked sideways, the body of the ascot is picked up and knit up the length of the piece with the ending border worked across the end. The ascot is 38” long; the scarf is 72”. The ascot takes 175 yards of lace weight yarn; the scarf takes 400 yards. Shown in Jorstad Creek Isle of Skye.