Coastal Tides

Endless Tides and Tidal Shift are two new wraps by Celia Roberts. Celia has been playing with the concepts from Cecelia Campochiaro’s books “Sequence Knitting”. Simple stitches that are uses in ways that create surprisingly complex fabrics.

The Tidal Shift Scarf uses sequence knitting emulate tidal patterns in a slightly different way. There is a moment when the high tide no longer dominates. That moment when the surface of the water shivers and shifts as if to an unseen breeze. That moment – the tidal shift – is when high tide surrenders to the pull of the moon and begins the long journey back out to sea. The sequence pattern stitch used in this wrap is worked over and over again, with a precisely located decrease and increase in the second row to create a bias fabric that swirls and moves – just like the tidal shift.

The Tidal Shift Scarf take 1200 yards of sport weight yarn; shown here in Jorstad Creek Shuksan.

Celia says “When you grow up on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State the tides become a part of you. They are many, varied and timeless. Full tides, slack tides, king tides and rip tides – they come in and go out – endlessly.” The pattern stitch used in Endless Tides is an eleven stitch sequence worked continuously without a break from one row to the next over multiples of eleven stitches plus four extra stitches. The extra four stitches cause the pattern stitch to morph over a 22-row repeat – like sands that are continually reworked by the endless tides.

The Endless Tides Wrap pattern is written for three sizes and takes 800-1200 yards of sport weight yarn; shown here in Jorstad Creek Shuksan.

Both designs are debuting at Nifty Knitter in Issaquah this weekend, February 27. Contact the store for times.

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